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Secure Your Schools with STANLEY

In today's education market, security and budget are top priorities. dormakaba can help you serve both—without sacrificing one for the other.

Our quality products ensure the highest level of security, providing schools the access and egress capabilities they require. Best of all, because our products work together, you are assured seamless security that's not only easy to maintain, but also lasts over a longer life cycle.

Expertise that Comes from Experience

With many years in the market, our experience is second only to that of our customers.

We work closely with K-12 schools and higher education facilities to procure, implement and maintain security products the way you need.

A complete security solution for your school

Best of all, as part of the value we offer, we'll help you assess your needs, develop a masterkey strategy and provide rekeying assistance.

dormakaba can address every security need you have for every opening. We can build a total solution offering that includes locks, exit devices, door closers, hinges and automatic doors.


QED100 Series

Exit devices to accommodate the widest range of uses
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QCL100 Series

Ideal with high-traffic, heavy-abuse applications
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QDC200 Series

Maximum flexibility and multiple options to fit any application
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