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Safeguard Healthcare Facilities with STANLEY

Moving quickly throughout a facility, while still ensuring the safety of patients, is a critical component of providing security for any healthcare environment.

Regardless of the type of healthcare facility—hospital, assisted living facility, long-term care building or a physician's office—your objective is the same: create a secure environment that is easy to maintain. Even more, you need products that can be standardized throughout your facility, so you can maximize both your operating dollars and time investment. 

A complete security solution

With STANLEY, we can address every security need you have for every opening.

As part of the dormakaba family, we can build a total solution that also includes automatic doors and door closers, exit devices, electronic tracking systems and more.

QDC100 Series

The strength and versatility institutional and industrial markets demand
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QCL100 Series

Ideal with high-traffic, heavy-abuse applications
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QED100 Series

Exit devices to accommodate the widest range of uses
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